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Water heater repair

There's been a revolution in water heaters that will not only save you money but take up considerably less space in your home, too! Let A & G Professional Plumbing Service Inc. introduce you to tankless water heaters from Rinnai and Navien.


These 2-foot-by-18-inch units – not much bigger than a microwave, heat water only as it's needed, so you don't use energy to constantly warm a big tank that sits idle when you're not at home. Tankless units can even be installed outside your home!

Save Money And Space With Tankless

Water Heaters

Tankless Units Are Perfect For Your Big Family

With tankless water heaters, your supply of warm water is endless since the water is not stored in a finite tank, but heated as it flows through fins and tubes like a radiator. Got a big family? You'll have all the hot water you need at bath time!


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Keep Your Hot Water Flowing For As Long As You Need It

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